Friday, March 23, 2007

Working my ass off and no one is helping (a vent)

What the hell. I'm am so sick of this place! Since the first moment that I got home, I've been doing every single stitch of work in the house. My hands are so fucking blistered I can't even feel 'em. My brother ( who is about twice as strong as me) is a chosson, so all of a sudden he's exempt from doing any work. Who's left to do all the bitch work while he sits on his ass or naps for a couple of hours? Me! But that's not the only problem! Since my brother got home, no matter what I say, it's twisted to sound like it is the most retarded thing ever said in the history of man, etc.
Now, having to grab my toes and grit my teeth is one thing, but I can not abide being ridiculed while I slave away in the labor camp that is my house in pre-pesach mode. And I won't! I am putting my foot down! I will flip the proverbial finger to the world, and tell those fascists to find some other rube to do their deeds! And as I fly out the door of that sweatshop into the dawn of my emancipation, there will be birds singing songs of freedom as the sun casts it's glow upon my upturned face. Free at last! Free at last!
That's right! I will demand my freedom from this slavery, and have my chains shattered and my bonds broken!....right after I finish unloading the car...
Originally posted Sunday, 17 April 2005