Friday, March 23, 2007

Helpless victims?

Maybe it's due to the world we live in, or society in general, but I can't for the life of me understand the victim card. It seems like no one in today's day and age has any need to feel a sense of responsibility for their own actions, or suffer the consequences of the choices they make. There is always a scapegoat, someone to point the blame at. It's absolutely ridiculous! That someone can file a law suit against a major fast food chain for causing their obesity?! Get real! No one told you that you needed a supersize fries and two large shakes! Your lack of self control allowed you to go wild, and you are to blame for it, and no one else! They give you an option to refuse the super size; no one has a gun to your head. In my opinion, that woman needs a cat scan more than she needs liposuction.
Aside from that, what about criminals today? It seems that each one was a victim of some sort of abuse, leaving them chemically imbalanced, and thus, they aren't accountable for their actions. Granted, there are cases like that, and in such cases, they should be counseled and treated accordingly, but that the majority of criminals out there all have issus? One word: bullshit (no hyphen, so I count it as one word...). People are content to shit themselves and have someone else clean up after them, and I say that that is wrong. The sooner we realize that when the chips are down, we are the ones who are solely responsible, the closer we'll be to the next logical step....
Originally posted Wednesday, 18 May 2005

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