Friday, March 23, 2007

Dumb ass bumper stickers...

Here's a quick rant:
I was walking the other day, and I saw an energy efficient car that had many bumper stickers on it. One of the stickers, which was right next to a Kerry/Edwards sticker, had the following slogan: AT LEAST NO ONE DIED WHEN CLINTON LIED!! That one just totally pissed me off. I don't care what your political preference is; that's your business, and I respect your opinion. But don't have some bullshit statement on your car that makes you sound like an ass. Does this mean that the driver of the car would prefer to have a morally corrupt individual as the leader of the free world, rather than an apparently God fearing man of moral fiber who has the courage and conviction to stand by his beliefs? C'mon! It boggles my mind that people have been reduced to standing behind a petty reason like that; there are many reasons to hate President Bush, but that shouldn't be one of them.
Originally posted Saturday, 21 May 2005

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