Friday, March 23, 2007

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To the international Gay/Lesbian community: what the hell do you need to parade about? Years ago, I could hear why- at a time when homosexuality was still considered for the most part by society as immoral and depraved, and homosexuals were subject to terrible discrimination and violence- you would feel a need to stand up and say "this is my choice, and I'm proud to stand by my convictions!" But today, when homosexuality is accepted in modern society and culture, to the point where there are tv shows about fixing up the straight man with a new look presided by gay men, and a show about a group of young hip lesbians, what are you bitching about? You're accepted! You've won! Move on already! By calling attention to yourself now, you're just opening yourself for further negative attention!You've got your cake, eat it quietly!
On a similar note, the African American community could use similar advice, in my humble opinion. Yes, you've been discriminated against, and been subjected to hate crimes and violence; but look where you are now! You have risen t the top of international culture! Statistics show that hip hop is the most emulated form of music in the world. You've revolutionized the way America talks, walks, and dresses. What are you complaining about? About the people in the street, the ghetto? Newsflash: it's not whitey's fault; it's the members of your own community who have ascended the social ladder and never looked back. The only basketball player that I know of that has given back to his community is Shaq. What about Michael Jordan?
Take a look at us jews. Throughout history, we've been subject to the worst discrimination known to man, for the longest time. And yet, we seemingly have the Midas touch (at least according to the world..). And it does ring true on certain points. Why is this so? Very simply, we don't bitch that much. Sure, you've got the ADL, and the JDL, but those people are a small minority in the international jewish community. For the most part, we have been content to hunker down, gig in, wipe our own asses, and show through action, not speech that we won't be knocked down, etc. Our respective communities ( the Jewish and African American communities, that is.) have much in common; we should utilize this and ally ourselves when need be. My father marched with Martin Luther King Jr.; the ideals were the same then, why can't they be the same now?
Originally posted Thursday, 12 May 2005

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