Friday, March 23, 2007

It's way too late to be pondering this crap...

Now before I start, let me assure you that this does not by any means reflect on how badly I want Moshiach, so bear with me.
The thing is, I can't fathom what life will be like after he comes. What will we do? There's no bechira, so what'll be the point? If you think about it, l'havdil, in all the movies that you see, and all the books that you read in which there's a quest of sorts, there is never an ending. It is never over. Whenever there is a victory, it's either not final, or the protagonists are rushing off again to find more adventure. It's like they reached the pinnacle, looked around, and said: "Yay. Now what?"
The point is, the end might be the goal, but the real part, the living part, seems to be the struggle. The turmoil as we grapple with our surroundings and ourselves, dedicating our life to refining and accomplishing our character. Of course I want moshiach; but I can't imagine life after he comes, without the chase, the battle, the hardships and the victory, the joy and the grief.
Chap arein, people! Moshiach can come tomorrow! Earn it.
Now maybe if I raid my mom's stash of valium, I'll be able to get some sleep...
Originally posted Tuesday, 3 May 2005

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