Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hey. I had an awesome yom tov. It was so beautiful! I'm not sure what exactly the big deal is with pulling an all nighter; that could be due to my sleeping problems, though. In any event, I looked forward to shacharis of the first day, because, at least for myself personally, it seems that when I'm physically exhausted, that's when I'm most tuned in to my spiritual self. The food was delicious throughout the chag; the yeshiva cook really outdid herself this year. Big up to her! The yom tov ended in a climatic round of dancing by our neilas hachag, and although I worked up a real heavy sweat, it felt like nothing. It's my hope that everyone out there had an amazing experience, and is able to incorporate that into their day to day dealings for as long as they can! Peace.
Originally posted Thursday, 16 June 2005

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