Thursday, April 5, 2007

Breaking down the barriers...

I'm very excited. Purim is on the way, with less than a week to go, and I'm all geared up for it. Of course, this year is going to be different, as I'll be in the Holy Land. I am so excited, I feel I'm gonna burst.
Purim has always appealed to me, even when I was younger. At first, it was because I was anticipating the costumes and the candy (when I was little, the drunk guys who came to my house to collect tzeddakah scared the crap out of me, so that aspect I didn't look forward to...). As I got older and reached my high school/ teenage years, it became the time to pull out all the stops, and just let loose.
Of course, we all know that although it plays a big role in the festivities (whether we like it or not), Purim is not just about getting drunk. Not only that, but sometimes (or all the time, depending on who you ask...) the drunkeness gets out of hand, and that diminishes and cheapens the holiness of the day.
Now, we know that Purim is one of the holiest days of the year. The amount of tikkun and teshuva one can do is without measure. The power of a true tefilla on that day knows no bounds. However, aside from those reasons, I have my own reasons why I love this day. Who knows? Maybe you'll agree with me.
First of all, I do get drunk, and I enjoy it. However, the drunk of Purim is a different kind of drunk than any other time of the year. For me, I love Purim, because of the famous adage of "Nichnas Yayin, Yotza Sod." Now, I don't mean that I like hearing all the dirt that comes out when my buddies lose their inhibitions. After all, we all have our secrets. Rather, the reason I love Purim is because of Love.
When you are surrounded by friends on Purim, there's nowhere else you'd rather be, right? Because you're having the time of your life, surrounded by your pals. However, the camaraderie is intensified on Purim, to an almost intimate level. During the year, a person has natural reserves which keeps him from expressing certain emotions, opinions, ideas, and feelings. On Purim, though, those barriers are torn down, and those reserves no longer matter. And that is what I like, what I love, about Purim.
On Purim, the love is apparent, on all levels. Whether it's just telling somebody how much you love them, or even telling him something as a loving criticism (or indeed, to be told yourself), you can do it on Purim without worry, becuase you know that it's coming from the heart. And, because of the elevated level of love and spirituality, you can be sure that the reaction will be positive, and welcomed. And hopefully, reciprocated.
To me, this is one of the true meanings of Purim. And getting trashed. That breaking down the walls and barriers that keeps one from truly connecting with each other, and in turn, connecting with the One and Only, that's what I love about Purim.
So, I bless everyone that we should break down those barriers, and in doing so, bring ourselves closer to our fellow man, and closer to the Holy One!
A Freilichen Purim.
Originally posted Thursday, 9 March 2006

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