Thursday, June 23, 2011

B'nei Machshava Tova: What is Frumkeit

Reb Micha cross-posted this from his own blog, Aspaqlaria. It's worth reading, although he doesn't seem to agree...


micha said...

I distrust posts that discuss problems without proposing solutions. So I would have preferred it had I had thoughts for either "How to avoid Frumkeit?" or "What is Ehrlachkeit?"

Second, I say two things that don't entirely jibe:

1- My own thesis, that (a) we call ourselves frum because being ehrlach isn't what makes Orthodoxy unique and consequently (b) I'm afraid we don't fully internalize our priorities correctly. We're over-prioritizing things just because we need to bolster them to fight assimilation.

2- RSWolber's thesis, that "frumkeit" is an instinct, and thus (a) an antonym to thought and (b) overly focuses on the self.

And you'll see from comments there, people thought I somehow identified frumkeit with yuhara and showing off. So I didn't quite succeed.

But other than that, a great post. The one time I speak critically of something, my post actually get a comment chain!

Shmuel said...

Reb Micha - in terms of people misreading you, very often people perceive what they want to, and there is very little you can do to change it. But like we discussed in Shul the other week, your theory seems pretty spot on on how to attract attention.

Concerning your own misgivings about your post:
Your tone wasn't polemical, and didn't single anyone out. It was thought provoking because it is something that I think many are beginning to intuit - which is one reason for the renaissance of Emunah/hashkfah-centric literature out there.

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