Sunday, June 12, 2011

Awesome new app just released - PowerSefer

My friend sent me this link to the home site of PowerSefer, a brand new app that brings an entire library of sefarim to your PC or mobile device. This downloadable app is currently available for Windows and iPod, with android and BlackBerry compatible versions coming soon.
Like Otzar haChochma, PowerSefer offers an incredible ever-expanding library from a vast array of Torah sources at your fingertips. Listening to a shiur on your iPhone and want to verify a particular source cited? Just open the app with your wireless connection and you have the sefer in a clear, easy-to-read interface!

From the site's homepage:

Our seforim preserve the feel and format of traditional printed books, while offering all of the advantages of electronic texts. The PowerSefer learning experience is natural, smooth, and effortless... 
Our software has been designed from the ground up for working with seforim, and is packed with features:
  • Powerful Full Library Search
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Built-in Word Tools (Hebrew-English Dictionary, Roshei Teivos Help, and more)
  • Ability to Annotate, Bookmark, and Highlight Seforim
  • Adjustable Text Size
  • Lightning-Quick Download of Seforim
  • Quick Navigation with detailed Table of Contents
  • Multiple Seforim Open at Once

Check it out on!

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