Monday, June 6, 2011

Suggestions, anyone?

I want to get semicha.

I toyed with the idea for a while, even joining a kollel dedicated to the practical application of halacha while learning in the Holy Land. Once I returned to my yeshiva in New Jersey, I abandoned that pursuit in the meantime for the sake of adhering to the yeshiva's curriculum. Then life got in the way as I focused on maintaining my regular schedule in yeshiva in conjunction with family and college.

Now as my undergraduate career draws to a close, my life is going to get much busier - that's why I would like to find a program that will allow me to study for semicha on a part time (i.e. mornings or afternoons only) basis. Aside from the fact that I strongly belief having a firm foundation in halacha is of prime importance, considering the fact that i would like to be involved in the Jewish community in one capacity or another (through my profession, etc.) I feel that to have semicha will lend to my credibility when dealing with people in the religious community.

I am looking for part-time programs; if I could correspond that would also be good.

Any suggestions are welcome. You can either post in the comments section, or e-mail me at



Anonymous said...

Check out semichah programme of shema yisrael network:

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Wikler, the editor of Kashrus Magazine has one, R. Eric Ziegler of Kollel Agudas Achim in Boro Park, also Mesifta Tiferes Jerusalem in the Lower East Side. There are also others.