Friday, September 3, 2010

Songs for Shabbos Kodesh!

I'd like to share a small sample of the special playlist I have for my erev Shabbos preparations:

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The first song is Reb Aharon of Karlin's Kah Echsof, a deeply moving song that we sing at the Friday night meal. Here, it is performed by Yitzchak Meir & Friends, on the Neshamot Chadashot album that just came out recently. It's a very good rendition, and the album as a whole is very solid.

Me'ein Olam HaBa'ah (A Bit of Heaven) is taken from the last stanza of the song Mah Yedidut also sung at the Shabbos table on Friday night. Yitzchak Fuchs' composition is powerful and stirring, and this song reaches a rousing crescendo toward the end. It can be found on the At This Time album.

L'Cha Eli Teshukati draws from the Sephardic bakashot, recited either Friday night or Shabbos morning. Yosi Azulay's take (found on the Tefillot: Shabbat album) borrows from the traditional Moroccan tune that accompanies this hymn, but then adds in a modern touch. I enjoy seeing a real "pop star" putting his talent to good use to introduce a younger generation to their rich, textured roots.

El Adon is a classic Breslov tune from the Shabbos morning liturgy, performed by clarinetist (and Breslover) Chilik Frank on his collaboration album with bassist Naor Carmi, The Heart and the Wellspring.

By the way, if anyone knows who did the cover art for the Chilik Frank album, please let me know. I've been trying to find out for a long time already, and I want to see more of it...


Natan said...

Thanks for posting, these are great.

Natan said...

Just found a video for the Naor Carmy and Chilik Frank song.

Shmuel said...

Wow, thanks! I saw the video a while ago, and then couldn't find it again afterwards. Thank you!