Monday, September 27, 2010

A certain talmid chochom (learned person) with a reputation for his stern, no-nonsense demeanor once called upon the Brisker Rov to discuss certain matters of importance.

As they were talking, the Rov's children were playing in the same room, maiking all sorts of noise and behaving in the ways of children. Much as they tried to ignore the ruckus and continue their conversation, the talmid chochom soon grew annoyed with the children and their non stop activity. Exasperated, he turned to the Rov and said "What's the matter with these children?! They're making such a racket!"

The Rov calmly replied "You're mistaken - there is nothing wrong with these children. They are in the most natural state that each and every Jew is supposed to be, with their boundless simchas haChaim (joy of living). It is we - with our sins and loss of innocence - who have lost our way. What's the matter with us?!"
To serve HaShem and come close to Him you must learn three things from a child: to always be happy,  to never sit idle, and that you must cry for what you want. - Reb Zusia of Anipoli

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