Sunday, September 12, 2010


I could bear the greatest loads in the world
but the burden of my iniquities
weighs heavily upon me
bringing me to my knees
with a moan
I shrug this weight from my broken back
and gratefully shoulder the yoke of Your service

my hands grasp the gates of Your Kingdom
...let me in
hoping to travel
along the King's Highway
by way of Sixteenth Avenue
running alongside Your chariot
with the barefoot urchins

the blasts of the trumpets wash over me
their sounds pushing me, pulling me
as I am reminded
that the further I get from You
the closer to You I come
running into Your embrace
closing the circle

as I breathe You in
I remember Your mercy
as I feel Your rod
I thank You for Your justice
as You draw me into Your chambers
I recall our intimacy
and I dissolve in newfound love...

I hope that everyone had an uplifting Yom Tov. I have many things that I want to share from the past few days, but right now this brief expression of my feelings should do...

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