Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Security

 Once more, I check my supplies. There can't be any room for error this time.

He's already gotten through my defenses before. I've seen his filthy footprints as he's roamed around my home freely. The prints weren't on the floor along the walls as if he was slinking around afraid to be caught. No, they were proud, wide strides down the middle of the hallways, as if he owned the place. He was arrogant, and for good reason; he knew my habits, and the layout of the place. After all, I had been the one to let him in in the first place.

The coil of barbed wire that I had strung across the perimeter had only proven a nuisance to him - the last time he broke in, he circumvented that problem with astonishing ease.

Outside help was worthless as well. With his cunning and ruthlessness, he dispatched the sentries and slipped past their defenses. The police are inefficient and corrupted by the enemy as well.

But not tonight. Tonight, there are no fancy gimmicks, no high-end security companies. Just me and my carefully selected weaponry, waiting in the dark, with a vigilant eye toward the direction from which he'll approach. Tonight I have to take a stand, and show him that he is not welcome here.

I settle in on the front porch and get comfortable. The thermos of coffee sits near me untouched. With the roar of adrenaline in my ears, I doubt I'll need anything to keep me awake.



It's going to be a long night...

The Evil Inclination must be viewed as an invader who is constantly trying to infiltrate into your home. He has the most sophisticated methods and numerous guises that he can adopt to gain entry. Only the utmost vigilance and clear message that he is not welcome can repel his advances...


Mano said...


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Neil Harris said...

R Yisrael Salanter often used imagery of fighting a war (so you're in excellent company).

Anonymous said...

I have been reading and loving your site ever since I stumbled onto it a couple of weeks ago. The content is pure and the Torah is sweet. Amazing post as usual, please keep up the awesome work. Thank you Thank you. HaShem should bless you in all that you do and for all that you do, forever & ever.