Wednesday, August 4, 2010

B.M.T. Welcomes New Contributors Rabbi Micha Berger and Neil Harris!

Rabbi Berger is the author of the Aspaqlaria blog over on the AishDas website; Neil is the author of the Modern Uberdox blog.

Thankfully, these two wonderful writers accepted my invitation to the group. I'm sure we will see thought provoking insights and suggestions from them both!

Two new posts on BMT from Reb Ally and Rabbi Berger, respectively, as well as a cross-posted item from myself, posted below.

Please continue checking BMT out, because I won't always put up notice when the other contributor submit new pieces...

B'nei Machshava Tova: Give Chizuk!: "Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld OBM constantly reminded his students to always give each other an encouraging word. There needn't be anything specific..."

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