Sunday, June 27, 2010

A very good read...

While we're on the (general) subject of kiruv, there's a book that I just finished reading that I'd like to mention.

Rav Moshe Weinberger (of the Aish Kodesh shul) has a book called Jewish Outreach: Halakhic Perspectives (I had it on my sidebar to the left of this page). It's a fascinating book that studies relatively in-depth issues that pertain to the world of kiruv, and raises many interesting points, issues, and topics on the subject of kiruv. Anybody even marginally interested in kiruv would benefit from this book, as well as people who haven't given it much thought; if you read it, you may find that kiruv appeals to you!

An article he wrote for the "The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society" in the mid 80's about the Ba'al Teshuva's reintegration into the religious world appears as an appendix to the book.

You can find the book by clicking here. It's a very good book!

Also suggested: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's Reaching Out; it is thoughts on the nature and necessity of Jewish Outreach from a master...


s said...

there should be more people like you

Neil Harris said...

R A Kalpan's book is a "must read".
As for R Weinberger's....I totally agree.
That old article that became the "appendix" was posted on the old Aish Kodesh site for a number of years. That article is worth reading, just for the footnotes.