Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To keep you busy...

...while I'm busy this week, you can check out this site, which takes your name and finds all the relevant gematriot (numerical equations based on the Aleph-Beis). It's a lot of fun, and some really random stuff pops out. A few of mine were:

Elokim, kamma aht yaffa; (How beautiful are you, God)
Elokim notein hakol; (God gives all)
Archie Bunker (huh? did I say really random?);
M'Eifo tavo haNechama?; (where does the comfort come from)
medina metumtemet; (a stupid country)
Rak Simcha (only Joy!)

There were many others, some completely inappropriate, so be careful with the results.

Thanks to Raisin Soul; I found this site through his blog...

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