Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music Update

As per a friend of mine's request, I'd like to introduce you to a *new* artist in the Jewish music scene. Saadyah Tzvi is a talented guitarist, songwriter, and beatboxer. He's also the newest member of the Shemspeed Label.

I don't know too much about him, but apparently he's a holy chozer b'Teshuva (returnee to observant Judaism), and he seems to be pretty versatile.

Glad for the hours
And in springtime for the flowers
As this season showers
In the wind His will empowers
Still set out to see the sun
Glad for breathes
Savor every last one
Won't give up before it's done
Lay us down The Holy One

Lay me down to rest
It was all a test
Intricacies now seen by naked eyes
Sleeping on the floors
Unlocking all the doors
Lord Your loving kindness is so wise
Your shelter, life, and peace is all right

Grateful for the green grass
And water flowing in these springs, pass
The next stop on the way
This road gets more familiar everyday
Oh how excited for the sunset
Yet the rain has turned the ground wet
So ready to take this ride back home
Relieved to never walk this road alone

We remember everything, our Redeemer
May You wake us up each morning
We trust with faith in You, The Holy One
Hope and splendor to the glory of Your name

Definitely potential there. 

If you want to hear more of his music, check out his Myspace page (linked above), or search for him on YouTube.

Below is another video of him jamming with my buddies from Simply Tsfat.

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