Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going to Uman for Rosh HaShana? Want to stop at kivrei Tzaddikim along the way?

From Dixie Yid's blog (emphases mine):

If you are going to Uman (like me!) and would like to travel to daven at the kevarim of several Tzadikim on the way to Uman for Rosh Hashana, I have an opportunity for you.

My friend Chaim is coordinating transportation to several kevarim on the way to Uman. A number of us are already coming and we're going to Mezbitz, Berdichiv, Vilednick, Annapoli, and Breslov on the way to Uman.

If there is enough interest, we will be renting a tour bus. Details:

  • Departing Monday Sept. 6th from Kiev airport @ 3 PM

  • Cost: $200 (unless enough people sign up, then it will be less)

  • Traveling to the kevarim in Mezbitz, Berdichiv, Vilednick, Annapoli, and Breslov

  • Traveling for about 24 hours

  • Arriving in Uman about 2 or 3 PM on Tuesday Sept. 7th, erev erev Rosh Hashana

  • This will allow us plenty of time to rest and go to Rebbe Nachman's tziyon in preperation for Slichos at about 3 AM erev R"H.
Please contact Chaim at 516-851-8855 or by e-mail if you're interested in joining.
Unfortunately, I won't be going to Uman for Rosh HaShana. The truth is, I would love to go any time; Rosh HaShana would be icing on the cake, so to speak.

I guess it goes without saying that if you are interested, you should get in touch sooner rather than later...