Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Saga (Or, the Never Ending Story)

I hold this ancient book in my hands
its contents, I don't know
does it hold secrets, not to understand
when I open it, it glows

The pages, brittle as they turn
tell stories from old time
of questions, their answers men yearn
to know of reason and rhyme

Stories of love, tales of loss
and bloody wars once fought
fables of hope, myths of despair
good intentions that were for naught

Restless wanderers, forever to roam
family banned from place
mysterious mentions, in this sacred tome
of the ephemeral space

Prestigous generations, and legacies
of men, both wealthy and wise
upon them tragedies and travesties
yet once again, they rise.

Just dug this up from the archives. Usually I go through my old writings on my birthday. I found this, and it got me thinking...

How do we connect with our brethren? How do we make them see that our Book, our Torah, isn't just a book? Not some old, outdated story, but rather, a living breathing EPIC? I'm always looking for fresh ideas...


The Dreamer said...

beautiful writing...

well, we can act normal around others... yet at the same time, in a distinguished manner...

meaning, be a friend but don't stoop down...

barb michelen said...

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karma dude said...

Dido to The Dreamer. Act normal. Although, in my (maybe cynical) opinion, in the sad society we live in, yesterdays normal has become today’s distinguished.