Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moshe Hecht and Levi Robin performing on behalf of Lamplighters Yeshiva

An e-mail I received from Moshe Hecht:

         Dearest Friends,
On June 23rd I will be celebrating and performing along side singer/songwriter Levi Robin and artist Noah Lubin (נוח לובין) in support of Lamplighters Yeshivah - the wonderful school that my Son Shney attends. It's going to be an elegant evening of Food/Drinks, Music & Art - all of my favorite things:) I hope you will join me. All of the info is here:
From Lamplighters' website:

Every day, Lamplighters Yeshivah empowers students to make their own unique imprint on the world—as people and as Chassidim. Just like the faintest light can dispel the darkest night, even the smallest impressions we make on our young have a power unrivaled. By giving our children not just lessons but experiences that encourage their abilities and challenge their ways of thinking and behaving, their unique splendor comes to life.Join Lamplighters Yeshivah, New Yorks’s only Chassidic Montessori demonstration school, as we celebrate another successful year of creating lasting impressions on the torchbearers of tomorrow.
I'm not necessarily a fan of Montessori, but its style is helpful for many children. A school that is trying to integrate chassidus as a basic element of its atmosphere gets a vote in my book.

Levi Robin is crazy talented. His EP (below) is fantastic, and he is currently on tour with Matisyahu.

Here is a new song from Moshe Hecht

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Micha Berger said...

So you intrusted your son's chinukh to the Illuninati? :)

Teasing aside, looks like a nice concert.