Monday, October 11, 2010

לזכרון עולם
הרה"צ קלונימוס קלמן בהרה"צ אלימלך זצוק"ל הי"ד
אדמור דק"ק פיסצנא
"בעל הספרי קודש "חובת התלמידים" "הכשרת אבריכים" "מבוא השערים" "צו וזירוז" "בני מחשבה טובה" "דרך המלך" 
"ו"אש קודש 
נפטר על קידוש השם ד' ר"ם חשון התש"ד
זכותו יגן עלינו


Anonymous said...

thanks i read part of his book and try to come back for more ,one thing that i cant fathom is how when he lost his son it was sucoth i think and the bal tfilah started crying and he told him to stop he had to be a angel,

Shmuel said...

You MUST know the end of that story...

Rebbe Shlomo tells it over, as does Rav Weinberger, about the Simchat Torah in the Ghetto, after the rebbe's son was killed. The episode is referred to in Tzav V'Ziruz as well.