Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anyone who has seen the Unity official music video knows about the tremendous effort exerted to gather folks from across the Jewish music spectrum, to benefit Sholom Rubashkin's cause.

While I personally don't care for the song, nor many of the mainstream artists who contributed, I certainly enjoyed the idea and what they were trying to affect. It's a laudable thing, and halevai ("it should be") we should all take a lesson.

The below clip is a humorous anecdote of two drastically different cultures converging. Watch as MBD reminisces about his own youthful controversies.

It seems that Y-Love and MBD have more in common than we thought. But hey, I guess Seagate can be considered a "ghetto" too, right? Except we'll have to trade the 40 inch rims for cherry lights, light-bars and antennae...

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