Monday, May 24, 2010

Video from the Salute To Israel 2010 Concert!

Yesterday was the annual Salute To Israel Parade, which goes down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and culminates in a free concert in Central Park. The last time I went was about five years ago, and the experiences were radically different.
I always enjoy seeing Jews of all stripes coming together for a common purpose; although the parade and concert are highly politicized (as always) this sort of gathering really transcends politics.

In past years, the concert has been a lot of fun, with tons of musical talent. Moshav Band, SoulFarm, Pey Dalid and the like have all played there. This year, I didn't recognize most of the performers, with the exception of Gershon Veroba and Eitan Katz, who headlined the event. I also saw Kosha Dillz and Y-Love, two Jewish rappers associated with the Shemspeed label, walking around the concert. Kosha performed after the concert was offically over; I had already left the venue to find a minyan (quorum of ten Jewish males) for Mincha (the afternoon prayer). The video below was taken by yours truly; sorry if the picture is unsteady - my hands shake.

There were also many organizations working the crowd, advocating all types of Jewish causes. SeeYou On was there, as well as several matchmaking groups, along with the Kahanist groups and the Gift Of Life, a group that helps match prospective bone marrow donors with needy patients.
Afterward, my wife and I walked around the Park. We went to Strawberry Fields, where there are designated "Quiet Areas" surrounded by trees and grass. A perfect place for hisbodedus, but the time just wasn't right...

Enjoy the video!

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