Tuesday, June 11, 2013


A truly pertinent piece, in light of the recent events in the Holy Land.

For what it's worth, can anyone dispute the value of an army of God fearing Jews standing shoulder to shoulder, with the words of tehillim on their lips, prepared to defend their brethren? Without minimizing the current efforts and sacrifices of the IDF's many soldiers, I know who I would rather have...


Micha Berger said...

But the Netziv writes (Ha'ameq Davar, Devarim 33:18) that YIssachar's learners are supposed to actually take their sefarim to the front! Also (Bereishis 49:14), that David haMelekh drafted Yissachar forcibly for this purpose, rather than let them sit in batei medrash at home. And (next pasuq) when not at war Yissachar replaced their obligation to serve in the army (training? a standing army?) with public service and taxes.

Think of the influence on general Israeli society, to have to pass through batei medrash to get from the jobnikim in support to those on the front. The availability to give last-minute pre-battle shiurim and divrei chizuq. If the Litvisher yeshivos followed actual Litvisher shitos, what a holy army Tzahal would be.

Shmuel said...

Indeed it would be.