Friday, December 30, 2011

Rabbi Gershon Chanoch Henoch Leiner (d. 1890)

Today (4 Teves) is the yahrtzeit of the Radziner Rebbe, Rav Gershon Henoch Leiner. A genius and Torah scholar, the rebbe was a prolific writer, producing numerous manuscripts, including a compendium on seder Taharos modeled after the Talmud Bavli. Unfortunately, most of his writings have been lost.

In the greater Jewish world, he is known for his mission to reinstate the use of techeilet by identifying the chilazon and formulating the extraction (of the blood/sepia) and dying process. He published several works on the topic, ultimately asserting that the common cuttlefish was the biblical creature in question.

Although many today do not consider his techeilet to be the true one, each of the other types of techeilet begin their processes using his groundbreaking work as a template.

Z'chuso yagein aleinu!

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