Monday, November 14, 2011

Rabbi Meir Kahane

Today is Rabbi Kahane's yahrtzeit - he was murdered in New York by a member of an international terrorist group.

Many did not agree with Kahane's views, neither politically nor hashkafically, but one thing you have to give the man was his backbone, his ability to stare his adversaries straight in the face without backing down. He believed in what he held, with a might and brazenness. We can all learn a lesson from him when it comes to dealing with the various mockers in our lives who try to discourage us from doing what we need to do. The above video is amazing to watch, as he deftly, calmly handles a large crowd of ignorant, immature kids who think they know what they're fighting about.

Sounds familiar these days, right?

HaShem Yikom Domov.

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